Transport Industry training specialists

Dynamic Organisations is an established provider of training and educational services.  We provide a wide range of strategic development, learning materials and workshops resources to Australian businesses and organisations. 

Dynamic Organisations has the expert knowledge and industry experience to develop and deliver solutions from learning and development strategic plans, training needs analysis studies through to workshops, training courses and training materials to all levels of the business including employee, management, executive, accredited and non-accredited solutions.  Specializing in the transport industry, WHS solutions, business system implementation training, language and literacy issues, and workforce/organisational development. 

Dynamic Organisations principal Robyn Archer, has built a wealth of industry experience over 20 years, along the way gaining expert knowledge in health and safety training, language and literacy and leadership.  Robyn is committed to helping clients improve their workplace environment by developing and facilitating courses and training materials to suit your requirements

Dynamic Organisations specialise in developing and delivering:

  • eLearning
  • Concept, Instructional design, Project Management, interactive online manuals, training notes.
  • Educational Video
  • Storyboarding, all production coordination, scripting and associated training resources
  • Training
  • Workshop design & development, workshop presentations, facilitation, manuals, notes and activity books
  • Strategy Development
  • Research, analysis, reporting, planning, implementation and follow-up evaluation.

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    New Workshop

    I have just completed delivery of a workshop to 340 people in 22 sessions over 6 days without leaving my office!!!! I have never been so exhausted by a facilitation event.


    Much talk exists about making them effective for the participants but they also need to be stimulating for the facilitator. In this particular case I found the mental effort of keeping each group engaged when you have no eye contact and they are all sitting in front of individual computers in itself a challenge.

    Coupled with the usual issues around mandatory training for all employees, the various levels of interest and relevance as well as workplace distractions it made for an extremely challenging two weeks and has lead me to reflect in my blog on some of the critical factors for success from the facilitators point of view instead of the learner.